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Photo gallery of our meetings

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Videos created as part of the "e-SENIOR 2.0" project:

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Agnieszka Janczura

     The "Idea for You" Foundation is currently implementing a project entitled “e-SENIOR 2.0", which is co-financed from the funds of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy on the basis of an open call for tenders within the framework of the Long-Term Program for the Elderly "Active+" for 2021-2025.  Edition 2023.


    The beneficiaries of the "e-SENIOR 2.0" project are the elderly, with a particular focus on the socially excluded and the disabled – residents of Nursing Homes, who are particularly affected by digital exclusion.


    Within the framework of the "e-SENIOR 2.0" project, live meetings will be held at selected institutions involved in the care and assistance of the elderly, titled "Seniors' safety – cash and non-cash payments," and titled "Seniors always safe on the Internet”. The meetings will include, among other things, an analysis of the most common ways used by online scammers targeting seniors, as well as specific methods for seniors to safely avoid and deal with such situations. Under the project, seniors aged 60+ will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and practical skills related to the above topics.


     The project is also producing 5 films on the following topic:


      • How to use an ATM safely?
      • Online scams targeting seniors.
      • Online bank account – security rules.
      • MS Word basics for seniors.
      • MS Excel basics for seniors.


    The videos will be posted on YouTube, on Facebook, on the foundation's website www.ideadlaciebie.org and on www.e-senior.org.pl, which was created as part of the "e-SENIOR" project in 2022.

      In addition, paper scripts will be prepared for each of the films for the Beneficiaries' own use. The scripts will be distributed to Beneficiaries during conducted "live" meetings with seniors. The scripts will also be posted on www.e-senior.org.pl in .pdf format for self-downloading.

       As part of the "e-SENIOR 2.0" project, 15 shorts will be prepared and posted on YouTube on the Idea for You channel (three shorts will be created for each of the videos, i.e. short videos lasting about 1 minute, which will encapsulate the most important knowledge on particular topics and at the same time encourage people to watch the videos in their basic, longer version).


     In addition, emails will be sent to 50 nursing homes across the country with detailed information about the project, the resulting videos and the possibility to download the scripts in PDF form.


     All these activities were designed to make it as easy as possible for the elderly to absorb the knowledge provided by the “e-SENIOR 2.0" project.

„e-SENIOR 2.0”