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Agnieszka Janczura

The "Idea for You" Foundation has implemented a project entitled "e-SENIOR", which was co-financed from the funds of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy on the basis of an open call for tenders within the framework of the Long-Term Program for the Elderly "Active+" for 2021-2025. Edition 2022.

The beneficiaries of the "e-SENIOR" project are elderly people, with a particular focus on the socially excluded and disabled – residents of nursing homes, retirement homes and senior citizens' homes throughout Poland, who have been particularly affected by digital exclusion, especially over the past two years.

Whe project produced 8 films and scripts for these films on the following subjects:


1. Computer science for everyone. Basics of computer science presented in a simple and accessible way, such as by reference to everyday situations.

2. Computer basics.

3. Smartphone basics.

4. Instant messaging – learning how to use instant messaging tools independently to make video calls, send and receive photos and text messages.

5. How to use interesting applications such as: YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps and Google Earth.

6. How to set up and use email?

7. Financial security on the Internet.

8. Online shopping – from ordering to pickup at the parcel machine.


In addition, "live" meetings were held at selected institutions that provide care and assistance to the elderly, where issues related to the subject matter of the films were discussed so that each interested person could learn the basics of using a computer, smartphone and the Internet. In addition, scripts containing the most important information on the issues discussed were prepared and distributed.

Also, for those who are interested in the topics we present, whether in videos or at meetings, the "e-SENIOR" project has created a special website, easy to use (with the elderly in mind), where specific "step-by-step" instructions on the aforementioned subject areas are presented in a clear way. In addition, 8 videos and scripts have been posted on this page for download and printing.

All these activities were designed to make it as easy as possible for the elderly to absorb the knowledge provided by the "e-SENIOR" project. The videos created as part of the project have also been uploaded to YouTube and the Idea for You Foundation's website, and have been sent to 100 institutions providing assistance to the elderly nationwide.