Social media true or false?

How to build a lasting relationship?

How to get a true friend?

Family – can things be good in the end?

Relationship with yourself – why should you take care of it?

Films made as part of the "From exclusion to activation." :

The project is aimed at young people at risk of social exclusion, including those studying in special schools, as well as deaf people aged 15-29 throughout Poland, including children's homes, crisis intervention centers, correctional facilities or juvenile shelters.

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Agnieszka Janczura

The aim of the project is to equip young people with the knowledge and competencies to build proper relationships in their immediate environment (with parents, siblings, peers, tutors and teachers, co-workers or representatives of the local community). The project is centered around building multi-level relationships, which we have identified as a key element that can realistically help young people avoid social exclusion or make a real contribution to getting young people out of the social exclusion zone.


The project included the creation of 5 educational and training videos:


1. Relationship with yourself – why should you take care of it?

2. Family – can things be good in the end? On the need to build relationships with loved ones.

3. Where are all my friends? On peer group relations.

4. Happy life – or how to build a lasting relationship with another person?

5. Social media image – true or false?


As a direct result of the project, 8 videos on the topics indicated above have been posted on YouTube and Facebook, as well as on the "Idea for You" Foundation's website. In addition, DVDs with the above materials were produced and sent to 100 institutions such as high schools, orphanages, crisis intervention centers and correctional facilities..

Relationship building as key to fighting social exclusion among young people