Your own company. How to start to be successful?

Promotion? Salary increase? Yes, In this month!

Interview. How to prepare in 15 minutes?

How to choose a good profession?

How to encourage yourself to change?

How to believe in your own abilities?:

Films made as part of the "From exclusion to activation." :

The "Idea for You" Foundation implemented a project entitled "Social and professional activation through modern and attractive forms of communication", which was co-financed from funds received on the basis of the open tender entitled "From exclusion to activation. Edition 2021" announced under the Program of the Minister of Family and Social Policy "From Exclusion to Activation. Program to help socially and professionally excluded people for 2020-2022”.

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Life is an interesting way.

Think out of the box.

Aim further.

Explore new horizons.


Agnieszka Janczura

As part of the project, the Idea for You Foundation prepared 6 information and training videos available on DVDs, on YouTube and on the Foundation's website, covering three main subject areas:

  • Social psycholog

  • Professional work

  • Case analysis – based on the practical experience of the presenters.


The following informational materials were produced within the framework of the aforementioned subject areas:

  • Your life in your hands! How to believe in your own abilities?

  • From theory to action – or how to encourage yourself to change?

  • How to choose a good profession so as to realize your dreams?

  • Job interview – how to prepare for it?

  • Promotion in a full-time job – practical advice based on specific cases.

  • Own business – how to start in order to succeed in the future?


The aim of the above activities is to make young people, especially those who are at a difficult point in their lives, aware that they are not in a no-win situation. The materials we have created contain specific information on how to increase your self-esteem and arouse motivation to take specific actions to change your position. The prepared videos include practical information on how to choose a profession, enter the labor market, return to the labor market, retrain and start your own business. The main goal of the project is to shape pro-social attitudes based, among other things, on conscious building of one's future. We present tools for socio-professional activation that everyone will be able to use to learn how to make the right choices and rational decisions, leading to a higher standard of living and social inclusion.

Social and professional activation through modern and attractive forms of communication