Thus, together we have a chance to create a modern society and an economy based on knowledge, integrity and passion. Our work is based not only on scientific research and knowledge from books, but above all on years of experience and hundreds of interviews conducted with those whose career paths have taken them in the most diverse and sometimes unpredictable directions, and who today are leaders in their industries.

    Join our Foundation and help us build a society based on digital inclusion for all! Together, we can make technology a tool of equality and support for all social groups. Together, we can change the world for the better!

Who are we?


The mission of the "Idea for You" Foundation is to extensively help young people and adults, including people with disabilities in the selection of a profession suitable for them, as well as in professional development and possible retraining, so that each of the people belonging to the above-mentioned social groups find their place in the conditions of a dynamically changing labor market – including in difficult periods of economic crisis.

Life is an interesting road. Think out of the box.

Aim further. Explore new horizons.


Agnieszka Janczura




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Foundation "Idea for You"

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We are a team consisting of people with experience in many fields of science and business. We have also been engaged in business consulting for many years. We advise companies on the latest management methods, how to implement change, how to organize production and how companies are entering the digital world. We worked with young people and students, which allowed us to understand their world and needs. Our professional experience clearly shows that young people very often have a problem with choosing a profession. To address it, we are making efforts to share our experience and show the whole range of possibilities available to the modern young person.

For some time, the idea of using our many years of professional experience and skills to impart knowledge to young people, with difficult background, free of charge, has matured in us.


Life is an interesting way.

Think out of the box.

Aim further.

Explore new horizons.


Agnieszka Janczura

The idea behind our foundation is to inspire change and discover new possibilities regardless of age.


    Our goal is to reduce the digital divide that separates society and prevents certain social groups from thriving in today's technology-based world. Through our projects and initiatives, we teach seniors how to use the internet, computer programs, and smartphones. We also create special tools tailored to the needs of people with disabilities, making it easier for them to access technology. We support schools and local communities in acquiring digital skills and promote the use of modern solutions in everyday life.

    We are committed to ensuring that everyone can discover their passion and hidden potential. We work for those who are entering adulthood and seeking their own path, as well as for those leading active professional lives. Our goal is to create a space where they will discover their strengths and translate them into career success. We also specifically target people with disabilities and senior citizens so that they too can discover new spaces of activism in their lives.

What do we do?